Hello and welcome to A Kristian Lifestyle. My name is Kristian, and this is
my little corner of the blog world. 

I'm a very blessed wife, mom, health coach and personal trainer. Other interests
beyond family and fitness include home decor, beauty, and fashion. 

I also enjoy making family, fitness, cleaning, organization, and lifestyle videos on
YouTube. You can visit my YouTube channel here. I would love for you to subscribe 
to my channel.

I enjoy spending time with family, exercising, shopping, reading, and being at the 
pool or beach. I love to laugh, and that is one of my favorite things to do with my 
hubby and daughter. I am in total bliss when we are all at home together sharing
dinner and a movie. Time spent with my family is priceless. Our guilty pleasures 
are definitely Netflix and our DVR. If it happened on a reality t.v show, we are 
most likely talking about it!

I love our little family of three!

This is our daughter, Miss S. Our daughter is our heart! She is smart, funny,
and a joy to be with.  

She graduated from high school in May of 2017.

She is now away at college and we miss her everyday!

We have three sweet fur babies that actually have no idea that they aren't human.

We lost our miniature dachshund on March 1, 2017. He was 12 years old and was so very
possessive of his time with Mommy! He was definitely a momma's boy and certainly
took a piece of my heart with him when he left this earth.

You can read my Remembering Rusty post here.

I am now a fur mommy to this little red cutie... His name is Roo.

And this is Shelley...

This little princess is six years old. We adopted her from the Humane Society
and I'm pretty sure she is the sweetest baby girl in the whole world. (Well, at least
to her family.) She tolerates strangers, but loves being near us. When it isn't kitty
nap time, she is usually somewhere close by waiting for love and attention.

As a blog reader, you may also hear about our beautiful chocolate lab that
we lost in July 2016.

Our chocolate lab was ten years old and loved to hunt and retrieve with his Daddy.
  He was a big love bug, but was so very protective of his home and his family.
We still miss him terribly.

You can read my Remembering Drake post here.

After our loss of Drake,  we added this little blonde cutie to our family.

You can read my post about his first day in our home here.

He is a precious and loved addition but can go from cuddle bug to wild thing
faster than you can blink your eyes!

It's never a dull moment around here!

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you will visit again very soon!

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