Friday, July 17, 2020

Funnies and Favorites

Happy Friday!

The Queen would like to welcome you back to our blog.

We are extra excited this weekend because tomorrow will be the ONE year anniversary
of when we welcomed this little Teacup Morkie angel into our family.

Happy Gotcha Day Weller!

I am so glad I was able to capture this one! Miss S was walking behind the couch and
Roo abruptly awoke from his nap and sat up on top of Hunter to bark at her.

Roo definitely has a personality unlike any other! And Hunter has to be the most patient 
doggie on the planet.

Hunter is so very excited that Miss S is graduating from college in 3 weeks. He LOVES his sissy 
so very much and absolutely loves that she is back with us at home. Some of his saddest days 
were while our girl was away at Auburn. (Me too, Hunter. Me too.)

Here is our (almost) college graduate!

This is not an official graduation picture, just one that we took for fun as kind of a trial run.

Her official pictures will be taken in Auburn soon.

And now for some food favorites...

I've been having some bladder sensitivity issues for about a month now, and thankfully have
found a coffee that I can drink with no problem. I've learned lately that acidic foods can be
very irritating to the bladder, so I am carefully avoiding citrus fruits, tomatoes, and up until
I discovered Tyler's coffee, I was avoiding coffee too. 

I only drink one cup in the morning just to be extra careful, but so far this coffee is not causing
any problems. Unfortunately it is about 3 times more expensive, but by only having 1 cup a day,
I should be able to make it last longer.

Miss S has fallen in love with crackers again. Finding a cracker that is gluten free, dairy free,
AND delicious has been a challenge, but she is a big fan of these.

The pups are loving these frozen treats. Roo is probably the most obsessed with them, but
Hunter and Weller definitely have no complaints about it.

I ordered the coffee on Amazon, and we bought the crackers and dog ice cream at Publix.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for visiting today and I'll see you
again next week. 

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