Friday, July 10, 2020

Fabulous Furry Friday!

Welcome to another Furry Friday post! 

I had no idea that it had been 3 weeks since my last blog post.

The days, weeks and months seem like they are running together. I think everyone is just 
holding on and waiting for 2021 to roll around. I feel like we are all hoping that a new year 
on the calendar will bring life back to normal. 

2020 has certainly been a year that no one expected.

But, enough about that! My fur babies want to say hello!

Hunter is living his best life and is always up for a photo opportunity.

Here is the entire crew waiting for Miss S to finish her cereal. It has become an everyday routine
and they all get a sip of the leftover almond milk after she finishes. Can you even believe that dogs
and cats are THIS into almond milk? These fur babies are obsessed! This was Weller's lucky day 
and he got to sip first.

Weller had a spa day and got a bath, blow dry, haircut, and nail trim. He is a handsome little guy isn't he?! He is such a sweetheart too.

Hunter and Roo wait patiently for Miss S and I while we do a little workout in our home gym.

Weller was around too, but this time he decided he didn't want to sit still to pose for a picture.

Other updates....

Our family is currently watching Heartland on Netflix and are in Season 3. 

Miss S and I finished Sweet Magnolias, and Dead to Me. I would definitely recommend Heartland 
and Sweet Magnolias, but caution you about Dead to Me. The characters are fabulous, but 
Season 2 is INTENSE. We were an absolute nervous wreck through the whole thing! And the
language isn't quite clean. F bombs are used abundantly.

I think that about gets us all caught up! Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you again
next time.

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