Friday, May 15, 2020

Bright Sunshiney Days

Happy Friday!

I hope you all are doing well on this bright sunshiney day. It feels like summertime has 
arrived in Alabama, that's for sure. It was in the upper 80's yesterday and will be through 
the weekend. It is definitely great pool, lake, or beach weather. Unfortunately, we have 
none of those things close by, sigh.

I had a happy Mother's Day on Sunday. I even got my little crew to pose for a picture. Miss S
is usually agreeable for taking pictures, but Hubby isn't so much of a fan. You'd think he would
be used to it by now, ha ha!

The fur babies wanted to make a quick appearance to say hello to you all too.

Roo is loving the warm, sunny weather...

And Weller is living his best life with his little tiny morkie feet never touching the ground for long.
Why would he lay on a cold tile floor when he has a big, warm labrador to lay on?!

Miss S sure picked a good one when she picked this little guy.

Hunter is also loving life. He has plenty of playmates around now! One of his new favorite
activities is stealing Weller's tiny little doggie toys. Here he is after sneaking Weller's stuffed
cow toy...

Shelley is enjoying all the sunny spots for sleeping. She always makes sure to get enough
beauty sleep despite the fact that 3 doggies are running around being crazy.

Well, that's about all we have been up to around here. Some stores and restaurants are starting
to re-open. The YMCA isn't planning to re-open until June. I can only imagine what a mess
all of that will be. Yikes!

What's going on in your area? Are you getting out, or are you staying at home?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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