Friday, January 3, 2020

What a Week It Has Been

We had a wonderful Christmas 2019!

On Christmas Day, we went to my parents house for a wonderful lunch, presents, and
good ole quality time together.

BUT, by Wednesday evening....

I had to flu!

On Thursday, Dec. 26, Miss S drove me to the doctor to get a flu test to confirm our
suspicions. An hour later I had Tamiflu and was headed home to bed.

Thankfully, the doctor gave Miss S a prescription too because 2 days after Christmas, we
BOTH had the flu.

And that has been all we have done since Dec. 26, 2019. We haven't left our house since.
As a matter of fact, I have only worm pajamas for the last 8 days!

We are both feeling better, but are still not quite our normal selves.

I hope our girl feels 100% well A.S.A.P because she and Weller head back to Auburn
for Spring Semester next week. Miss S will be a SENIOR in college now.

What in the world! Time sure flies by. We are so proud of our smart and beautiful girl.

Due to this sickness, our house is kind of a disaster, and Christmas decor is still out. We will 
hopefully feel like getting to it soon. Maybe this weekend we will be able to get the 
trees down.

(OR we could just leave everything up. Just think how ahead of the game I would be
for next Christmas, lol.)

Anyway... I hope you are having a wonderful start to your new year!

I will see you back here next Friday.

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