Monday, January 20, 2020

It's A Cold One!

Hello Monday!

Miss S and Weller....Weller says Mondays make him yawn!

Well y'all winter has arrived in Alabama! The high temperature today is only 39 degrees.
Such a crazy switch from the weather here last week.

Miss S is still here today until the afternoon, so we are about to head out to get our 
nails done before her dermatologist appointment. Then sadly, she will be heading
back to Auburn this afternoon. I wish weekends with my girl could last longer!

Our weekend was a good one. We had a rainy and lazy Saturday, then my parents came to our
house for lunch yesterday. It was so good to have them here for a few hours!

I am finally back up and running over on YouTube. If you missed any videos, you can
catch up here.

Sunday's video...

I hope you all have a very happy week, and I will see you again on Friday!


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