Friday, November 1, 2019

Road Trips, Holidays and Pancakes

Happy November 1st y'all !

With Halloween behind us, and Christmas movies playing on the Hallmark channel 
all day every day, I find myself here....

That, along with the weather being 34 degrees when we got up this morning, it's feeling
like it's time.

 Don't worry, our tree won't be going up today, but I can absolutely guarantee it will
be going up before Thanksgiving. As much as I love the glow of a beautiful tree, I
definitely want to enjoy it as long as possible. My name is Kristian, and I love 
twinkly Christmas lights!!!

Miss S was home this past weekend for a doctor appointment and when she was leaving,
this is how Hunter and Weller were acting.

Weller absolutely does not want to make that two hour car ride back to Auburn, and Hunter
absolutely does not want to let his sissy go!

I can hardly wait until Miss S and Weller man are BOTH home during Christmas Break!

ONE whole month with my girl and her little guy! Yes please!!!

In completely random news.....THIS pancake mix is absolutely the best gluten free and
dairy free mix that we have tried. It is SO good. We bought it last week at the Super Target
in Auburn, but hopefully I will be able to find it in Birmingham too.

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay cozy!

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