Monday, October 21, 2019

Texas Jet Setters!

Happy new week to you!

Let me tell you about my jet setters. Hubby was invited to fly to the Alabama vs. Texas
A & M game in College Station, Texas last weekend. Hubby immediately asked if he
could bring Miss S along. He knew she would get a huge kick out of flying to TEXAS 
on a private jet and also that this homebody (me) would not be interested in hopping
on a plane! Your girl right here is perfectly happy with BOTH feet on the ground!

And they are ready to go!

Miss S immediately decided she was born for this lifestyle, lol. 

Here they are in College Station, TX.

Look at my girl holding that Bama pom pom. :) 

They had a fantastic day, Miss S met some amazing people, and has now decided that
one day she would like to move to Texas. I guess everything really is bigger and better
in Texas. As for me, I won't know unless someone drives me there, lol.

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