Friday, October 4, 2019

It's Almost Time!

Hello again and Happy FRIDAY!

I thought I would pop in to say hello and see if anyone is still out there reading my 
little ol' blog!

Some days, (as you can tell) getting a blog post published just isn't in the cards.
Some days are super busy and I end up running out of time before I get a post together.

Other days, I just get inside my own head and convince myself that I don't really have
any news worth sharing. I do the same thing with making videos for YouTube. I can't get 
my creativity flowing and I figure, why bother. The mind is a strange thing! 

Today I want to share the view I get to enjoy when Miss S facetimes me from Auburn. 

I love talking to my girl, and also getting to see Weller's sweet little scruffy face!

This view is enough to make EVERY day better!

A view I certainly have NOT been enjoying lately is this one...

This picture was taken yesterday. Yes, it was 100 degrees on October 3. What in the world?!
It has been this way for several weeks now and I think we are all about to melt around here.


Fall, sweet Fall, where art thou sweet Fall ???

According to Hallmark Channel, fall starts tomorrow and I am super happy about
that. I absolutely LOVE Hallmark's holiday movies!!!

And in even more exciting news....Christmas movies begin on October 25 this year!

You know what that means. When Christmas movies start playing on Hallmark Channel, 
it is officially time to put up the Christmas tree! Ha! I am kidding. I will keep calm and
wait until November to pull out the Christmas decor. :)

Alright y'all, I better get moving. Miss S will be home in about 4 hours, and I've got
cleaning to do!!!

I will try my best to get myself together and see you back here on Monday!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

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