Friday, October 25, 2019

Frugal Home Updates + A New Idea For Pie

Happy Friday friends!

It's a rainy and humid one here today, and is supposed to rain for the next 36 - 48 hours. 

But THAT is not what we are here today to talk about. We are here for a frugal home decor
update and a yummy idea for a pie.

Let me back up just a bit to about 3 - 4 weeks ago. One day, out of the blue, I happened
to glance in our dining room and notice the light fixture over the dining room table. I mean,
I really looked at it. It may have been the first time I really payed attention to it since the 
day we first moved into our house. As I would looking at it, I realized just how far
it is away from anything I would choose for the room today. I mean, it is really, really not 
the look I want in our dining room.  😒

I started looking on Pinterest and at some fixtures online and even thought about putting
a new dining room fixture on my Christmas list.

Then one day as I was complaining talking about it with my parents, they suggested I try
giving our current fixture a little makeover. Possibly removing the globes, and/or painting it
with some white chalk paint.

When Miss S came home over the weekend, I enlisted her help with my little experiment.
She may or may not have climbed on top of the table and removed the globes from the fixture.
It started looking better immediately!

Here is how it looks now with all the light globes removed. I even had her take that long, 
bottom section off which also helped the new look so much.

I like the fixture so much better now that I don't even think it needs to be chalk painted.
I think it looks so much more casual and homey. We are just not FORMAL dining room
kind of people. 

I also created my own pie this week. My plan was to make this No-Bake ROCKY Road Pie,
but I forgot to buy peanuts while I was at the grocery store.

I made the executive and creative decision that I would make a BUMPY Road Pie instead,
hee hee. 😜

My recipe for BUMPY Road pie is the same, except there are no peanuts in my pie. And
you know what?! I don't even miss the peanuts! So from now on when I use this recipe, it
will be for my BUMPY Road pie instead.

On Wednesday, Miss S had an all day field trip for one of her classes, so I volunteered
to babysit my grand dog Weller. He is just the most precious little Morkie I have ever seen!

AND his is SIX MONTHS old today!

Happy 1/2 birthday little guy! 🎉 

Well, I think that is about all the fun I can catch you up on for this week. Oh, and don't forget!
It is officially CHRISTMAS SEASON on the Hallmark Channel! My favorite time of the year
is finally back, woo hoo! You can keep up with the full schedule of movies HERE.

Tell me, how was YOUR week, and what are YOU up to this weekend? 

Whatever you do, I hope you have a great one. ❤️️

I'll see you Monday!

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