Monday, September 16, 2019

Baking, Shopping and A New Friend

Hello Monday and hello new week!

My sweet Miss S was home this weekend and of course she brought her little Weller man.

(yikes as I look at this picture I realize my floors need some attention ASAP! )

Anywho, on Saturday morning, I made some delicious homemade pumpkin bread. No one
would ever guess it was gluten free. It was mostly dairy free other than the chocolate chips.

After enjoying our pumpkin bread, we headed out to Target. What weekend would be
complete without a run to Target?!

Miss S is always on the lookout for cute little bags. She quickly spotted these cuties.

While we were in Home Goods, I made a new friend!

Doesn't he look like he would be super helpful all dressed up in his little tuxedo and top hat?

I knew there was no need to bring him home though because Hunter would bark at him, 
and Roo would most likely hike his short dachshund leg and tinkle on him, lol. 

We ended our evening with football and sushi.  On Sunday after church, our girl and
her fluffy little sidekick headed back to Auburn.

Today I find myself with plenty to do because the rest of the week should be a pretty
busy one. We have a fancy wedding to attend on Saturday and I still haven't found a
dress so it looks like dress shopping needs to be near the top of my list this week. 

I'm not a big fan of dressing up, so wish me luck!

I'll see you over on YouTube on Wednesday, and back here on Friday!

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