Monday, September 9, 2019

A Fun Switcheroo

Happy Monday everyone! 

I spent the weekend in Auburn with my girl and her little man, Weller.

While we were out doing a little shopping, she picked out this adorable toy for him.

Of course Weller wanted to pose for a picture with his new toy, lol.

Weller is doing wonderful with his potty training and is officially doing all of his doggie
business outside now. We are just tickled that he is such a little smartie. 

I left my loves and headed home to Birmingham on Sunday morning. When I got home, I
was overcome with the urge to rearrange the furniture in our family room.

The arrangement didn't look bad, but I wanted to try something fresh.

Here is what our room looked like before...

I swapped the position of the two chairs, and the position of the couch. I felt like the couch 
was blocking the flow of the room and to the front door before.

Here is what the room looked like after the switcheroo....

I kind of like the change. The room feels open and I think I will like this arrangement when 
I decorate for Fall and Christmas.  

Here you see Hunter and Roo testing the couch to see how it feels against the wall.

(You have to look closely to see Roo because he blends with the color of the couch, ha!)

Hubby was out of town for a golf tournament, so he hasn't seen the new arrangement yet.
He may not be thrilled that I moved his spot for t.v viewing. He doesn't say much about
what I do in the house, or how I decorate, but he may not be a fan of having his spot moved.

We shall see this afternoon when he gets home! Stay tuned!

Well, we are off to another UAB doctor appointment for Dad today. I am thinking we may
soon be wrapping up these appointments because he is doing well. I appreciate all of your
thoughts and prayers since his accident in March. You all are the best!

I'll see you Friday!

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