Friday, August 30, 2019

The New Apartment Tour and a SALE!

H a p p y  F r i d a y ! ! 

Miss S and Weller are officially settled into their new apartment. This year she and her
roommate from last year have moved into a four bedroom, two bath unit.

Today, Weller wanted to invite you to come inside for a tour of the apartment "common area," 
also known as the den, kitchen, and dining area.

When you step inside, this is your view...

Weller says, "Come on in and play a while."

And here is the kitchen...

I love the cute coffee bar with the twinkly lights. Twinkly lights make everything so
much cozier.

Weller likes to play and entertain when he can, lol.

Weller appreciates your stopping by, but is ready for nap time now. (Aren't we all, Weller,
aren't we all, haha) He needs to get rested because he gets his last round of puppy shots
AND his first grooming this afternoon! Boo for shots, yay for a haircut! :)

I can not believe my baby girl is already a junior in college. Where oh where did the time go?

I hope my girl and her precious little morkie have a wonderfully happy and successful
school year.

Also, FYI, Bath and Body fall candles are here and ON SALE this weekend, if you
need to stock your fall candle supply! 

H a p p y  L a b o r  D a y  w e e k e n d  !  

I'll see you on Monday!

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