Friday, May 3, 2019

Family, Fizzies and Fun!

Happy Friday friends and family!

Gosh, I've got to think for a minute and figure out where we left off last.

I believe the last time we chatted was on the Friday before Easter, so we have a
few things we need to catch up on.

Here is our family pic from Easter Sunday...

I love our little family of 3!

Speaking of family, my Dad is doing well. He is hanging in there and trying to be a good
sport about the whole not being able to put any weight on his right leg for 12 weeks thing.

He is patiently getting around using a walker for short distances, and a wheel chair for longer
distances. He is about 6 weeks into his recovery, and we are definitely ready for the next 
6 weeks to pass on by. 

This is pretty much my mantra for this time of recovery...

In other news, I have kind of figured out the whole messy bun thing. Miss S has been a
proud supporter for several years, and I think I am finally joining the club too.

Messy buns are basically the perfect hair style for summer...

and for bubble baths!

This is what I used in my bubble bath this week...

Isn't the "amethyst look" part of this fizzy so pretty?!

Hunter agrees that it smells yummy too!

In addition to my bubble bath obsession, I have started playing around with planning. 

I found this beautiful blush pink faux leather binder at Target and have set it up as a planner.

I have found that decorating inside my planner with stickers is a fun way to stay organized
and be somewhat creative at the same time. It is a really nice diversion from the stresses
of life and can be done at home or on the go. 

While I play around with my planner at home, my boys get to hang out with me!

This week I have played around with the idea of making my own stickers. I bought a full
sheet of sticker paper and here are some that I designed and printed today.

I realize they are not Etsy shop quality, but for my own personal planning, I am perfectly
happy with them. I like that I can now design and print stickers for myself right from home!

And now, for the best news of all....

My girl is now home for the summer!

Hubby and I were in Auburn yesterday getting her stuff all packed and loaded up to bring
back to Bham.

My house may now be a mess, but my mama heart is 
now super happy!

Thank you for dropping by and catching up with me today!

I will be back at UAB for a doctor's appointment for Dad on Monday, but I will plan
to see you back here again next Friday!!!

I hope to get back to making YouTube videos again soon as well. Here is my latest
video, but my creative juices have been a little MIA since then. I will round them up
and get back to making videos soon though.

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