Friday, April 12, 2019

Loving Lately + A Product Review

Hello again! Today I want to share with you some....

Things I'm Loving Lately!

1. This dark chocolate from Trader Joe's is my current fave.

2. I love the unique color of the flowers we took for Miss S on her birthday.

3.  These Trader Joe's chocolate mousse eggs for Easter are so delish. They had 
pumpkins in the fall, hearts for Valentine's Day, and now these Easter eggs.

4. This candle that Miss S got for her birthday just may be my favorite scent for
summer. It's just so good! I hope she will have some of it left when she moves
home for the summer so I can enjoy it too!

5. This is probably one of my favorite perfumes that I have found lately.
My mom had a sample of it and it is absolutely the perfect summer scent! honorable mention goes to this shampoo from Maple Holistics.

Thank you to Maple Holistics for sending me this shampoo for review!

Silk18 shampoo contains a blend of 18 silk amino acids to help fortify, strengthen 
and protect hair from dryness, breakage, damage and split ends.   It contains argan and 
jojoba oil, and is sulfate and paraben-free. It is safe for all hair  types, even color-treated 
hair. The scent is a soft vanilla coconut scent which I really enjoyed. The shampoo did 
leave my hair looking and feeling soft and shiny once my hair was dry, but I didn't like 
the way my hair felt (to the touch) in the shower. 

I do have a LOT of hair that is course in texture and quite frizz prone. I imagine that had 
something to do with how my hair felt immediately after shampooing.

The Maple Holistics website it is beautifully designed and I do encourage you to 
head over and take a look. They have so many products that look amazing. Also, 
they have an essential oil set that I would love to try next because y'all know 
how much I love my essential oils!

Also, Hubby has used their tea tree oil shampoo before and absolutely loved it!

I'm so happy you all dropped in to visit today! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

I won't be blogging on Monday because Dad has his 1st follow up appointment
with his doctor at UAB on Monday, but I will plan on seeing you back here again
next Friday!


The insurance company did end up declaring Miss S's car a total loss, so she is
 now the proud owner of my car. I won't be car-less for long though because Hubby 
has found a new car for me and I will be sharing it with you next Friday! 

I'll see you then!

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