Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Friday y'all!

I hope you have all had a great week and are ready for Easter weekend!

I still need to get out and finish up my errands for the Easter Bunny, but before I do
that, let's take a minute to catch up.

Last weekend, Hubby finally convinced me to ride in the golf cart with him while he
played a round of golf. I actually had a really nice time spending an afternoon with
him. Life gets so busy sometimes, I think we forget to get away and spend quality 
time together.

This sweet little dachshund is being extra cute today. He is happy Mommy is home with him, 
and is making sure to get plenty of attention while he can.

Just look at those little doxie feet! 

I could just love on him all day long!

Another thing I am loving is my new car! Here is her interior...

And here is a pic of her exterior...

Hubby did an awesome job of picking her out for me! Why am I calling my car 
"her?" Well, I'm not sure, but why not, lol!

We had some visitors in our front yard yesterday. I snapped this picture of them
from our dining room window.

They stayed in our yard for almost 30 minutes, just walking around eating and 
honking. Hunter and I were entertained, and Roo and Shelley were not interested
in the least, ha ha.

Update on my Dad...

He is doing well. He got a good report from the doctor on Monday, and got all of his
stitches removed. I know he would much rather be up and running about like he is
used to, but he still has another eight weeks before putting any weight on the injured 
leg. We are praying that the next eight weeks pass quickly, because he is certainly 
not someone who enjoys just sitting around the house.

Also, Miss S will be home for Easter this weekend, and home for the summer in 
14 more days! That is something I am definitely happy about!!

This "Happy Easter" is a free printable that you can find here.

Also, pop over to check out how she decorated her home for Easter. So cute!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you next week!

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