Monday, March 11, 2019

Sparkles, Happiness and Rumors

It's Monday friends, rise and shine sparkle!

I hope you all survived the time change this weekend and the hour of sleep we lost.
Who came up with the idea that we EVER needed to LOSE a whole hour of sleep???

If you read Friday's post, then you know my girl is home for Spring Break and I am
pretty over the moon about it.

We have already made one trip to Target together, lol.

Target + Miss S = Happy Mama :)

This weekend was a sushi take out kind of weekend...

Sushi at home, while watching Friends on Netflix, is always a good idea!

Also this weekend I discovered that Nestle has changed the packaging on my favorite
creamer to pink! I just KNOW they did this in my honor. Don't you agree? 

Tonight is Bachelor night y'all! Tonight and tomorrow will wrap up this season of the show,
and Miss S and I are so excited to watch. And the fact that she is home so we can watch it
together is absolutely perfect!

Also, it is rumored that Hannah Brown from Tuscaloosa AL will be the next Bachelorette.
She was spotted over the weekend with a production crew filming around Bryant Denny 
Stadium and in front of the ΑΧΩ sorority house. Time will tell though because no
official announcement has been made at this time. I want the next Bachelorette to
either be Hannah from Tuscaloosa, or Hannah from Birmingham, so we are hoping
the rumors are right! 

Also, if you missed this weekend's new videos, you can catch up here...

Friday's video

Sunday's video

I will see you on Wednesday, with a new video, and back here on Friday to catch up!

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