Monday, March 4, 2019

Furry Alarms, Yummy Eats and Spring Reads

Happy Monday!

It's here again, so we might as well be happy about it, ha.

I'd like to introduce you to my weekend alarm clock. During the work week, Hubby
is up each morning to give Hunter breakfast. On Saturdays when we don't have
an alarm set, this is what happens around 7 a.m.

Hunter says, "Enough sleep Mama, it's time to eat!"

Who could ignore that sweet face?!  

For breakfast on Saturday I made this delicious breakfast.

You can check out my latest YouTube video for the full details on how I made it.

It was super easy to throw together and will give you breakfast (for one) for 4-5 days.

Also this weekend, I headed over to our local library to find some new reading material.
I had never heard of the author of Hearts on a String, but the book caught my eye from
the shelf and looked like a fun read. I am going to give it a read first so I'll let you know
what I think when I finish. :)

While I was working on editing Sunday's video for YouTube, I had my support crew
with me. Puppy snuggles while video editing for the win!

My editing was interrupted by a severe weather situation in Auburn.

THIS is NOT what a mama wants to see when their child is away from home.

Auburn is located in Lee County, and 22 people lost their lives yesterday in tornadoes.
Thankfully the Auburn University area was unharmed and even though tornado sirens
were going off, and Miss S took shelter in her bathtub, she was not in harm's way. I am
so grateful for that!

Today, the bad weather is gone and has been replaced once again with cold temperatures.
We are currently sitting around 36 degrees. I will happily be staying inside my cozy and
warm home today!

Thank you guys for dropping in today. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
What's the weather like in your area? Do you have a furry alarm clock in the

Oh and just so Miss Shelley isn't left out, here is a pic of our kitty princess!

I'll see you on Friday!

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