Monday, March 18, 2019

Counting Days, and Catching Up

Hello again and eww, it's Monday. Oops, what I mean to say is... Happy Monday?

Sorry guys, I just can't muster up the happiness to say it today. You see, Spring Break
is over and after two doctor appointments today, my girl will be heading back to Auburn
this afternoon. I know I'm being whiney, but my mama heart is heavy because her break
just went by too fast!

I will try to focus on the good though and be thankful that we had this time together. I know
she could have been on any number of trips with girlfriends, so I am absolutely thrilled that 
she was here with us instead!

Plus, summer is only 47 more days away. Okay, okay, so I counted already, lol. In the 
meantime, I have some chocolate to keep my spirits bright, ha!


To catch you up on posts you may have missed...

Miss S has a new blog post that you can read HERE.

Her post is about music and here is just a peek at part of it:


I shared my Spring + Easter Decor on my YouTube channel on Wednesday...

and a Week In My Life vlog on Sunday...

I've got to get moving! Our first appointment is in one hour. Then we are hoping to get another
room decluttered a bit so she will have a quiet place to study this summer because she will be
home and taking 10 hours of summer classes. My girl has the goal of getting out of college a
semester early, so she will definitely need a space that is conducive to studying while she
is home. Plus we need to get her stuff packed up in her car for heading back to Auburn.
Then, her last appointment is after lunch.

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