Monday, February 18, 2019

Let's Catch Up

Happy new week everyone!

Last week was a FULL week, so I am hoping this one will go at a little bit slower
pace. I need a minute or two to catch my breath, ha ha.

I wanted to share a picture of Miss S from her Valentine social last Thursday night.
She and her bestie went together as Galentine's! Aren't they the cutest?!

Also, Miss S has a new blog post up on her blog if you'd like to take a peep at it!

Here is a picture I took from her latest post...

I may be a bit biased (or maybe a lot, lol) but I think my girl is pretty darn amazing!

On Friday night, Hubby and I headed to Auburn. Miss S needed something from home
for a sorority event on Saturday so we hopped in the car to take it to her. While we were
there, we had dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, Jim N Nicks.

I like having these two loves as my dinner dates!

After dinner, of course she needed to go grocery shopping. We went to one of the Kroger
grocery stores in Auburn, and were so impressed! What a gorgeous store, and it even
has a Starbucks inside. Why can Auburn have two Kroger stores and Birmingham
doesn't even have one?! I'm so jealous!

Our girl is home now, as you saw in Sunday's new vlog, and my heart is so happy
and content!

She has a doctor's appointment today, and one tomorrow, and then she will be heading
back to Auburn. Then I will be missing her once again.....sigh. Such a vicious cycle
of happiness and loneliness.

Well, I think that gets you all caught up on what's happening here.

I hope you have a great week and I will chat with you on YouTube on Wednesday,
and back here on the blog on Friday.

    Thanks so much for dropping by!

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