Monday, January 14, 2019

Forward is Forward

Hello Monday and hello new week! I see you are here again regardless of whether 
we are ready or not, lol. 

Does anyone else feel like January is absolutely flying by? I feel like I need a pause 
button. Society is putting all this pressure out to "get your life together" in January, 
but I feel like I'm over here still trying to clean up and organize after to holidays.

I'm also working on developing a schedule to waste less time and be more productive.
I am learning that these type things take time and are not going to develop overnight.
The sooner I stop pressuring myself to get all of this accomplished this month, the
better off I will be! Change and good habits take time to establish. 

I am proud to say that I did exercise 4 times last week!

I didn't exactly reach my goals for the week, but in the grand scheme of things, 4 times
is way better than what I've been doing for quite a while now.

As soon as I put down my laptop today, I will complete today's workout. I plan to do a
cardio and weights combo for about 35 minutes. My hope is to also develop a "doable"
plan in this area of my life so I can share with you. I would also love to have some
positive progress to share with you, but again.... one step at a time!

Did you set goals for the new year? Are you staying on top of them, or do you need
a pause button too?

What are you currently working on achieving in your life?

If you missed Sunday's video on my YouTube channel, you can catch up here.

Thanks for visiting today! I'll see you again on Friday!

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