Monday, January 7, 2019

Birthdays, Tilt-Tables, and Tours

Roo is two today!

Let's all wish this adorable little man a Happy Birthday!

Roo pretty much rules the roost around our house. He may only weigh nine pounds, but 
he definitely thinks he is the boss. Hunter is his best bud and they wrestle and play several 
times a day. Hunter is also kind enough to let Roo win most of the time during their 
tug-of-war challenges. 

He loves sleeping under blankets, laying in Mommy's lap, and giving Mommy all the kisses.
He does not like having his eyes cleaned or his toes touched. He also gets very upset when
he does something silly and Miss S laughs at him. He likes to do things when they are his
idea, and is rarely affected by the word "no."

He is 100% dachshund, and I love him!

Many of you who have been loyal readers for a while now, know Miss S has had
stomach issues since Spring of Junior year of high school. After seeing her 
Gastroenterologist during Christmas Break and telling him all of her new symptoms,
he suggested she be tested for POTS.

On Friday, January 4, Hubby, Miss S, and I headed to Princeton Hospital for her to
have a Tilt Table Test which would determine if she did indeed have POTS.

The test did determine that she DOES have POTS, and we did receive a few helpful treatment
suggestions, but we are still in the very early stages of learning all we need to. Stay tuned...

More on POTS to come in the future, but as of right now, we have about 8 projects going at
once to get Miss S packed and ready to head back to Auburn today. So many things to do!

If you missed any of my latest YouTube videos, you can watch below today...

Thanks for checking in with us today! I hope you will pop over to YouTube to see more of our
daily happenings.

Have a wonderful week, and I will see you Friday.... hopefully with this...

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