Monday, December 3, 2018

Hello Monday, Hello December!

This was our weekend:

Hubby rode in this...

to go here...

to see this...

Miss S had a Christmas party and took this...

I stayed busy working on these...

watch here...

So that was our weekend in a nutshell!

Hubby traveled in a private jet to Atlanta for the SEC National Championship game.
It was his first time inside the incredible Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Bama gave us all a bit of a scare, but managed to pull ahead in the 4th quarter, winning
the championship over the Bulldogs, 35-28.

Miss S and her roomie put together a FAB-U-LOUS Christmas party on Saturday
night for their friends. You can see all the details on food and decor if you watch
my VLOGMAS DAY 2 video (shown above).

I had a weekend filled with vlogging and editing, fur baby snuggles and lots of 
Hallmark movie watching. I was cozy at home and content!

Today I am trying to stay on top of a mile long to do list. I've already gotten the
dishwasher running, the washer and dryer going, and an appointment that I needed 
to schedule, scheduled. I now need to put myself together a bit and pull out the 
camera to start vlogging for VLOGMAS DAY 3!

This is how I feel today, ha ha.

I hope you will pop over to my YouTube channel to keep up with us during VLOGMAS!

I will be there every day this week, and back here on the blog on Friday!

Have an awesome week!

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