Friday, December 21, 2018

Get Organized in 2019!

Happy Friday before Christmas!

My senses are tingling with the need to get decluttered and organized in 2019.
Hopefully the urge won't pass by the time January rolls around, ha ha.

I am so excited to bring you this blog post and show you how to get your own
free printable calendars with no lines, no crowds, and no wait.

To help you plan out 2019 and celebrate the new year, FTD has created free printable 
calendars beautifully decorated with subtle flowers.

If you like to write all over your calendar, the full-page wall printouts (8.5” x 11”) are a 
great option. If you use your calendar to keep track of the date and to decorate your 
work space, try the smaller desktop version with bold backgrounds. 

Regardless of which style you choose, these printable calendars are sure to brighten up 
your space and help you stay organized as you enter 2019. Hooray for that!

If you are a long time blog reader here on A Kristian Lifestyle, you know how much 
I look forward to printing these beautiful calendars each year. I use them in my kitchen
to keep everyone on track every day through out the year. The wall calendar does this
job perfectly in our household.

Take a look at this beautiful calendar that can be printed for free, right from your own 
home printer.

You can view every month, download and print from the FTD website.

Just take a look at January and February...

I will be printing off my calendars and getting ready to be organized in 2019!
I hope you will do the same so we can all start the new year strong.

If you missed Wednesday's video on my YouTube channel, you can watch here
and get caught up!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you again on YouTube on Sunday,
and here on the blog on Monday.

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