Monday, December 17, 2018

8 Days!

Happy Monday all!

Christmas is coming soon!


It really would help if life would slow down just a bit so that we could all
take a few minutes to properly enjoy the season.

Also coming up on Wednesday, December 19, I will be celebrating 26 years of
marriage to this amazing man!

Being the party animal that I am, (lol) I want to celebrate with a quiet night in. 
I'm thinking a candle light dinner right in our very own kitchen and maybe a
Christmas movie by the Christmas trees afterwards sounds like the perfect evening.

A new video went up yesterday in case you missed it.

Today I am off to see the dermatologist for the first time in about 30 years, so y'all wish
me luck! Any and all doctors give me a slight case of the nerves, but I know keeping our
skin healthy is just as important and keeping the rest of ourselves healthy. More on my
goals for healthier living coming soon so stay tuned.

Also, Shelley baby has a vet appointment for a check up this afternoon. Getting her
corralled and into a pet carrier is always a fun time, lol. If only I could get some video
footage of that for y'all!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

(I need to place an Amazon order today for a few small items.)

Are you finished wrapping?

(not yet, sigh.)

Have you started thinking about your goals and plans for 2019?

(Yes I have, and I'm planning to only set a small number so I can keep
laser focused on them! I want to actually accomplish them in 2019!)

I hope you all have a happy week and I will see you 
here again on Friday!

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