Monday, November 26, 2018

Home For The Holiday!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Break we had! The only problem is that it passed
too quickly.

While Miss S was home for the week, we had a family movie night. Miss S decorated 
a picture of Hunter so he would look extra festive!

We watched Return to Christmas Creek on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
Channel. We thoroughly enjoyed it, so if you haven't seen this one, check it out
on Tuesday night, November 27, and 8:00 central time.


We finished up the majority of our Christmas decorating this week too. Shelley found 
her spot under the tree even before we could get the tree skirt in place!

The trees in our backyard were in all their fall glory on Thanksgiving Day.

They made a beautiful backdrop for a Thanksgiving photo session.

These people are my favorites!

After lunch, we tuned in to watch a bit of A Happy & Friends Yule Log.

It's become on of my favorite holiday traditions.

On Sunday afternoon, Miss S headed back to Auburn until Christmas Break, 
and this new video went live on my YouTube channel. Watch here if you 
missed it... I promise the video is not as sad as the picture!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I will see you again on Friday!

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