Friday, November 2, 2018

Hello Weekend!

It's Friday y'all!

I needed to say that as a reminder to myself because my days have been all jumbled
up this week. Wednesday felt like Tuesday, and Thursday felt like Friday, so I am all
confused, ha.

Yesterday was a gloomy, rain-filled day, and today is a dark and dreary day where the
temperatures will drop with each passing hour. Would it be acceptable to hide under
some cozy blankets with my fur babies and stay there until it's time to decorate for
Christmas? I think I have figured out why people like to decorate early. The beauty
of a Christmas tree shines through the darkness of this gloomy, rainy weather.

Don't worry, I won't be decorating for Christmas today, but I do want to scale back
my fall decor just a bit. After enjoying it for several weeks now, I feel like it's time to 
freshen up my space a little.

Well, I feel like I am just rambling on and on and boring you all to pieces, so I will
simply wish you a HAPPY WEEKEND, and remind you that I will see you again
on Monday!

If you missed Wednesday's video on my YouTube you can watch here...

Remember that another new Christmas movie will be on Hallmark Channel
Saturday night called Christmas Joy.

And another on Sunday night called Road To Christmas.

Also, we will be going to Auburn on Sunday to go to church with Miss S!

Yay for Christmas movies and for seeing my girl again! Does this empty nester stuff
ever get any easier? (Asking for a friend, ha.)

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