Monday, November 5, 2018

An AUsome Weekend!

It was a fabulous weekend at our house!

Miss S's team played at home at 11:00 Saturday morning and triumphed over Texas A & M.

At 7:00 Saturday evening in Death Valley, Hubby's team and my Alma mater whooped LSU!

I'm a torn Mama because I graduated from the University of Alabama, and now my heart
and my world attends Auburn University. I'm a very confused football fan now.  I love my
Crimson Tide, but I love those Auburn Tigers too because of my girl. 

 Maybe I'll get crafty and try to make something like this!


On Sunday, we went to Auburn to see our girl and to go to church with her. Her church is
absolutely amazing. If you can leave that place unchanged, I recommend checking your
pulse because the worship music, atmosphere, and message from their pastor is always
phenomenal and life changing. It's easy to see why they have 3000-4000 people in attendance
every single Sunday. This was my 4th time to go and honestly it is worth the two hour drive.

After church, we had lunch together at Jim 'N Nick's

When Hubby and I got back home to Birmingham, we checked the mail from Saturday, and I

I am SO IN LOVE with my new shirt! Basically, I have the best Mom in the world too!
She was so very sweet and thoughtful to surprise me with this. 

Last night, Miss S sent pictures from her apartment. She and her roommate had been
busy after we left, decorating for Christmas. Isn't her decor just precious? So inviting
and cozy.

I absolutely LOVE it and now I really, really want to decorate too!

 Christmas is in 50 days if you are counting. I will wait another couple of weeks,
before decorating, but it will take a lot of willpower to wait. I love, love, love when
everything is decorated for Christmas. The world is so much prettier, and feels so
magical when Christmas lights abound.

If you would like to see our Sunday in video form, you can watch here...

And, now here we are back to Monday...

Time to get busy with to do's. Hopefully if I can get a jump on my cleaning
and organizing today, the rest of the week will run a little more smoothly.

Have a wonderful week, and I will see you Friday!


  1. Can you find out what lipstick your daughter is wearing in the photo of her with the menu? Please and thanks!!


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