Friday, October 19, 2018

Weekend Vibes

Hello all!

I'm happy to have the weekend in my sights! I suppose this shows some signs of aging,
but I am hoping for a restful and quiet weekend.

A little reading, some cleaning and organizing, lots of fur baby snuggles and of course
quality time with Hubby and Hallmark Channel. The irony however is that if Hubby
is here you can be guaranteed that the Hallmark Channel will not be on. Sigh. I
have to fit in all my Hallmark movie watching while he is on the golf course!

My DVR and I have our routine down to an art. It records all the good movies
and while Hubby plays golf, I sit back, hit play, and lose myself in the happy 
world of Hallmark. I still hold out hope that one day Hubby will turn over a 
new leaf and decide to watch with me.  ;)

This weekend I'll be recording these two movies:

On Saturday, Love, of Course...


On Sunday, Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts...


I also think Saturday will be the perfect time for the season's 1st pot of chili. It is
feeling like fall has officially made its way to Alabama, so why not celebrate?!
(Again, if making chili is a celebration, I am showing signs of aging, lol.)

If you missed Wednesday's new video, you can catch up here. I'm sharing lots of my
favorite goodies from the fall season.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with your favorite things.

I'll see you on Monday!

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