Monday, October 1, 2018

Happy New Week + Happy October

Y'all! It's October 1st!

I can't even contain my joy right now! 

---  I spent the weekend with MY GIRL!

--- Today is October 1st!

Ok, ok, let me calm down a minute and start this blog post from the beginning...

On Friday night, Hubby and I had a date night. Typically I choose to stay in on
Friday, but we were already out and about, so we decided to embrace it and go
out to dinner for some Mexican food.

Hubby + guacamole + salsa  =  winning!

On Saturday afternoon, I headed to Auburn to spend Saturday night and Sunday
with my most favorite girl in the world.

I made a video while I was getting ready to go. You can watch it here if you
missed it.

I arrived in Auburn on Saturday afternoon while Miss S was at Jordan Hare Stadium
at the Auburn homecoming game.

The game started off like any normal game, and then 4 minutes before halftime,
the game was delayed for weather for almost 3 hours!

Most of the stadium emptied after such a long delay. Most of the students left and
changed out of their fancy game day outfits and opted to return to the game
after the delay in comfy, rain proof tees and shorts.

With the stadium that is normally filled with almost 90,000 fans nearly empty,
Miss S and her friends felt like Auburn was basically playing a private game just
for them. The mascot even spent the remainder of the game hanging out with them!
She had a blast!

On Sunday, I went to church with Miss S and the service was absolutely incredible.
Being in the presence of hundreds of college students worshiping our Lord is
indescribable. Such a beautiful and powerful thing.

I arrived back home last night just in time for dinner, and Hubby and I, along with
our sweet fur babies spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch.

Today I am pumped about a new month filled with fresh opportunities and new
goals! And also, one of my favorite people on YouTube will be posting daily
videos ALL MONTH LONG. One video every single day for a whole month!
Yes! Super exciting!

I heart Kalyn!

Well this day has been crazy busy already so I better wrap this up, and get moving.

I hope to see you over on YouTube on Wednesday, and back here on the blog on

Happy Monday and Happy October!

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