Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Faves: Peach, Pumpkin and Recipes

Hooray! The weather outside is glorious! This fall loving mama is one happy girl
right now. According to the forecast these cooler temperatures aren't quite here to
stay just yet, but I am enjoying this little fall weather teaser just the same.

This is a happy week for me, the weather is perfect, AND my girl is home for Fall
Break. I love when my girl is HOME with us!

She told us about the latest and greatest with Coca-Cola. You know, college kids 
are always in the loop. While I was picking up a few things from Walmart yesterday,
I got this 'new to us' Peach Coke. Hubby is a big fan of peach, so I knew he would
like it. He approves and okays it to be added to my list of Friday Faves.

Also, while I was in Walmart, these three essential oils hopped into my cart.

I had seen this list of oils to use in the fall....

so I am excited to play around with scents to create a favorite blend. I am thinking
I might really like something like this one...

Please no one get upset because I bought essential oils from Walmart. I know there
is a lot of controversy about oils and which ones are purest, etc. I won't be ingesting
these, or putting them directly on my skin, so I feel like it will be okay to use them
occasionally in a diffuser.

Another fall goodie that just seemed to hop into my cart without warning was
this Pumpkin Spice coffee beverage. Y'all, my pumpkin spice radar is high! Things 
that are pumpkin spice call to me from a mile away.

And one more yummy pumpkin spice item...

I've also been obsessed with my fall simmer pot this week. It just makes my
home feel so cozy.

For directions on how to make your own fall simmer pot, you can check out this video
from my YouTube channel. It's so quick and easy, and so worth it!

Another fun video from my channel went up on Sunday...

Also this one was from Wednesday... 

You guys! This pumpkin butter is seriously SO GOOD! Miss S and I 
have been eating it twice a day since she got home on Wednesday night!

It's been a Falltastic week around here this week! I hope your week has been a 
great one as well. Thanks for stopping by today! :)

Have an awesome weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!

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