Friday, October 26, 2018

Crackling Candles and Cozy Vibes

Happy Friday!

The weather is rainy and messy outside today, so my mood for the day is...

Staying home, staying cozy and staying inside! 

This is my WoodWick candle burning. The wick of the candle crackles and sounds 
like a real wood fireplace as the candle burns. So relaxing! While my candle crackles, 
I'll be watching the Good Witch Halloween movie that I recorded last week.

Hubby has been requesting Praline Pecans this week, so I'll be working on those as
I watch. If they turn out well, I will share more about them in Sundays video on my

Yesterday morning as Hubby was getting ready for work, he heard noise coming from the
front yard. By the time I got to the window with the camera, these visitors had made their
way out into the street in front of our house.

As I was washing up the dishes from breakfast, I turned around to find this...

Hunter is so sweet and loving toward Roo. Pretty much whatever Roo wants to do, 
Hunter will oblige. These two love each other so much. It is the sweetest!

I hope you all have a great weekend! The last weekend in October... how crazy is
that?! 2018 is flying by.

See you on Monday!

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