Monday, September 10, 2018

Some Shopping and Some Chalk Painting

Hello friends and family!  

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty good and I do feel like I got quite a few things accomplished.
Let me tell you all about it...

- Friday -

On Friday, I needed to do some grocery shopping but before I did that, I wanted to
pop in TJ Maxx for a little fun shopping.

I did find a few items to add to my fall decor, which you will be seeing very soon.

After the fun shopping, came the obligatory shopping trip. Yes, grocery shopping
can only be avoided for so long, sigh.

I have not been to our Walmart in several weeks, so I was surprised when I drove 
up to see its brand new paint job. Our store used to have a kind of a brown colored
front, but now we have this bright shade of blue. Oh well, Walmart is still Walmart no
matter what color is on the front of the building, ha! It's not always a fun destination,
but sometimes you just have to go.

On Friday night, Hubby and I enjoyed a quiet night in with our fur babies. I have
to say, quiet nights at home are my favorite.

- Saturday -

On Saturday, I woke up craving Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. After a quick
Pinterest search, I decided to make this one.

The bread turned out really nicely, but the recipe did call for mini chocolate chips,
and I used regular sized ones. When I make this bread next time, I will be sure to grab
a bag of the mini chips from the store. The regular ones were a bit overwhelming 
and I think the minis would give a milder chocolate taste.

After breakfast, it was time to tune in to the Good Witch movie marathon on Hallmark
Movie and Mysteries channel. I had never seen any of the movies before so I was stoked
to watch! I just love her character! She is such a kind, sweet, caring person and I was
shocked to see how some of the people of Middleton treated her in the first two movies.

While I watched, I was also busy chalk painting!

Hubby built this console table for me last year, and I never could decide if I wanted
it to be painted or stained, and also what color I might want it to be. 

I finally decided to go with white chalk paint. When I was ready to paint, I had
my "helpers" close by.

They pretty much stayed this way the entire time and let me work around them, ha!

Saturday afternoon, Miss S and her roomie went to Auburn's first home game of the season.

They were thrilled that Auburn scored another win!

- Sunday -

On Sunday, I finished up my table and returned it to it's normal spot at the top of our
stairs. It is now ready to be decked out with fall decor!

Also, on Sunday evening, a new video went live on my YouTube channel.
This is one I needed, and I hope it will help someone else out there too!

I would love for you to watch and subscribe too! :)

Be sure to check back soon for my fall home decor tour! Fall will officially begin in
12 more days!

I hope you have an amazing week! Another new video should go live on my YouTube
on Wednesday, and I will see you back here on the blog on Friday!

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