Friday, August 10, 2018

Roller Coasters and Reading

Hello and Happy Friday!

Y'all it has been a roller coaster of a week!

Miss S headed back to Auburn on Monday and I was so terribly heartbroken.
Pretty much all I did on Monday was mope and cry, lol. I was a mess.

I pulled myself together a bit and stayed busy on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Then, yesterday (Thursday) she was home for a few hours for a doctor's appointment 
and my heart was happy again!!

When she was getting ready to drive out of the driveway,  yesterday afternoon, Hunter 
popped up into her lap like he was saying, "Stay Sissy! Stay with Hunter!"

Sorry about the blurry picture. It was sprinkling rain and I had to act fast before
Hunter either jumped in her car, or jumped down. Getting pictures of pets can
be tricky sometimes!

Now I just need to hang in there until we head down to Auburn next Wednesday to 
get her moved into her new apartment.  (5 more days, I can do this!)

In other news...

Bath and Body Works has all their FALL CANDLES on sale online
right now for $12.95!

You all know how I feel about fall candles. Currently I am trying to decide if
I want to splurge, or show some restraint! Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Also, I recently finished reading this book...

It was really good! It was a super easy read and even with all the distractions around
here lately, I finished it in 3 days. It's definitely a book that gets you hooked from 
page one.

I think I'm going to read this one next...

Have you read either of these books?

What are you currently reading?

I hope you all have an awesome weekend, and I will see you again on Monday.


  1. Oh no, the adjustment period is hard on a Mama's heart. I just finished reading a book from Mix and Match Mama's June book review. It was "The Sound of Gravel" by Ruth Wariner. Hands down one of the best books I ever read. Too bad we don't live closer I would let your borrow it! I will be thinking and praying for you next Wednesday.

    1. Oh you are so right! Do we ever stop missing our babies? I haven't heard of that book before, but I will have to check it out. Reading is a fabulous little escape! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers....they are always needed! :)


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