Monday, August 20, 2018

New Apartment Tour

Happy Monday to all you awesome readers! 

Today's blog post is super exciting!

As many of you know. Miss S is starting her sophomore year at Auburn University
today. Last Wednesday, we started moving her into her very first apartment. Such a
big milestone!

I stayed with her and her roommate Wednesday - Sunday helping them get settled
and today I am back with you for a fabulous apartment tour!

I absolutely love how everything turned out. It is so warm and cozy. It's the perfect

Here, let me show you...

- Living Room -

- Kitchen -

- Bathroom Vanity Area -

- Shower Area -

- Miss S's bedroom -

I love how all the colors and textures came together. Their space is calming while
also being warm and cozy. I know they are going to enjoy being out of the tiny, cramped
dorm and in their new, beautifully decorated space.

For any of you that were looking for a YouTube video from me yesterday, I'm running
a little behind. I am hoping to have it uploaded for you either tonight, or tomorrow 

Have an awesome day, and I will see you back here Wednesday!

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