Friday, August 31, 2018

A Week In A Flash!

Happy Friday everyone!

Goodness, this was one of those weeks where you blink and somehow you
missed it. I suppose it was a busy one since it seemed to fly by.

On Sunday, I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel where I shared

On Wednesday, Miss S was here for 1/2 day for a doctor's appointment. After her
appointment, she wanted to make a quick stop at The Summit before heading back to
Auburn. My girl loves Auburn, but luckily for me, you just can't beat the shopping in

On Wednesday evening, a "Relaxing Clean With Me" video went live on my channel.

Today, I've got way more on my to do list than I could ever get done in one day! Miss S
is coming back home for Labor Day weekend, so there is plenty of cleaning and grocery
shopping to do to get ready.

Whining won't help me get things done, so I better just hop to it!

Since Labor Day is on Monday, I will see you back here on Wednesday instead.

Have a wonderful L O N G weekend!

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