Monday, August 13, 2018

A New, Clearer Way of Thinking

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty quiet, but if you know me,
then you also know I am a pretty big fan of quiet.

I also did a little work on updating the blog a bit. Did anyone notice the new blog

After giving this some thought, I chose the words "live well, laugh often and love more" as 
the theme that I want to live by. As a personal reminder and also as a symbol of what I 
stand for,  I wanted to incorporate those words into my new blog description.

I want those words to serve as a daily reminder and to keep my goals and priorities
aligned with those three things.  Let me briefly explain my thought process for each...

I want to live well....

-  physically

- spiritually

- mentally

I want to laugh more...

- positive attitude

- more faith, less worry

-  trying to have fun everyday

I want to love more...

- quality time with my family

-  with my clients during our training sessions

-  showing kindness to others

-  making myself and my goals more of a priority

I think these have basically been my goals in the past, but with long drawn out goals, 
they seem to get lost in the business of life. I love how simple and clear things seem 
when I simply say to myself...

"live well, laugh often, love more"

This post makes total sense to me, and I hope my explanation makes sense to you too!

Moving forward, I want to focus on giving you more quality content both here
on the blog and also over on my YouTube channel.

Now that I have a clear theme for my life, I believe things will start to move in
that direction.

On Wednesday...

We will be up to our ears in moving boxes on Wednesday as we get Miss S 
moved into her 1st apartment so you won't see me here on Wednesday.

I am however, planning to have a YouTube video ready for you on Wednesday, 
so check there if you miss me, ha ha!

If everything goes according to plan and we have internet set up in her apartment,
I will see you on Friday! (Yes, I am planning to stay with my girl until she gets all
settled, so I will still be in Auburn on Friday!)

Have a wonderful day and as always....


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