Monday, July 23, 2018

Such Good Information!

Happy Monday everyone!

I recently happened upon a super helpful YouTube channel. Dr. Dray is a dermatologist
and she shares the most helpful information.

It's like taking one of your girlfriends (who happens to be a doctor) along with you
when you go shopping for beauty products. She cuts right through the hype and tells
you exactly which products are worth purchasing.

Take a look at a few of her videos that I enjoyed and you will be able to take some of
her knowledge with you when you head out on your next shopping trip.

(After watching these videos, I am basically ready to toss all my Mary Kay
products to the curb! Apparently there are cheaper and better products
right in my local drugstore!)

(or watch here)

(or watch here)

Miss S and I are headed off to Auburn in a bit to take care of a few things before
she moves back in a couple of weeks.

I hope y'all enjoy Dr. Dray's informative videos, and I will check back in with you
all soon!

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