Friday, June 1, 2018

Misleading Branding Is So Frustrating

Switching over to more natural, non-toxic products is not an easy task.

First of all, change of any kind is typically difficult because we as humans are
totally creatures of habit.

Second of all, the branding of products can be very misleading.

As if making healthier choices for your home and family isn't already
difficult, the least companies could do is stop the branding misconceptions.
The wording that companies use make you feel so good about the choices
you are making when trying to choose healthier options.

For example, if you have watched any cleaning videos on YouTube, or have
read any blogs about safer cleaning products, you have likely heard of the brand
Seventh Generation.  

I happen to be fairly gullible, so if I see a product labeled as "natural, botanical,
plant based" etc. then I am likely to believe that it is a better product. Just look
at its packaging. Doesn't it look like a smarter choice?

I have tried my best to stop using my beloved Clorox wipes. I didn't bother to
do any research, I just assumed because the brand Seventh Generation was so
highly praised by supposed "non-toxic" influencers that Clorox was of the devil,
and Seventh Generation was a God send.


Luckily before I made a special trip to purchase the "botanical" wipes, I chose to do 
a little research.

I was absolutely shocked to find that the Seventh Generation wipes rate a D

Yes, a D!

Some of the concerns are: 

skin irritation/allergies/damage, damage to vision, chronic aquatic toxicity

I am certainly no expert on safe, clean, natural, non-toxic product, not even close,
but I do know enough to realize that a product that rates a D should not have
earned the reputation as the end all, be all, better product.

If you are wondering, the Clorox wipes also rate a D, but at least we don't see
the Clorox brand marketing itself as a natural and "better for your home"

Maybe Seventh Generation's "D" is a better "D" than the Clorox one, but nonetheless,
it is still a D rating.

Also, if you were wondering about these wipes...

They rate even worse! This product received an F.

My goal for writing this post is to inform my precious readers, not to bash a certain
company. If you currently use Seventh Generation and love it, I am certainly not
asking you to change or stop. I just want you to be aware, so that we aren't blindly
trusting products solely based on reputation. As far as reputation, Seventh Generation
is the hands down winner. They are doing a fantastic job in marketing their cleaning
wipes as smarter choices.

Some days I just have to walk away from trying to make this transition. It is
overwhelming and frustrating, and definitely no easy task. We can't trust branding
or advertisements. We have to do the research for ourselves, and it takes time.

My goal in order to try to maintain sanity is to achieve and 80/20 ratio of non-toxic
items in my home. If I can find and use 80% non-toxic items, I will feel like I am
making a difference for the better in our lives.

I will leave you with links to the EWG sites so you can research products
on your own if you would like to. You may find that some of your favorites
are perfectly safe, and you may be surprised by more "safe" products that are
not actually safe at all.


Tell me:

Have YOU ever been mislead by a product's packaging or advertisements?

Have a beautiful weekend and I will see you on Monday!

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