Friday, June 22, 2018

How Did This Happen?!

Hello all!

Let's all do a little happy dance in honor of the weekend!

Unfortunately this will have to be a short little post today because we had a bit of
misfortune yesterday afternoon. Ugh. I feel extremely sick and a bit dumb because
the misfortune was basically my own fault.

I was using my laptop yesterday afternoon while sitting on the couch. There is no end table
on the side of the couch where I sit, so I balanced my open laptop on the arm of the couch
for just a moment. I walked into the kitchen, and just as I was rounding the corner, I heard
a crash.

I rushed back to the sound of the crash, but I was too late.

The screen on my laptop was shattered. The back had also popped open just a bit.

I immediately felt sick. 

Ugh, and it was my own fault for not being more careful. Goodness, I should have known

Fortunately I am a very blessed little lady with a loving husband. He basically rushed me
and my laptop to Best Buy to see if there was a possibility of repair.

It turned out that the cost of shipping my laptop off to be repaired was more than Hubby
figured the laptop was really worth, so he was kind enough to help me pick out a
new one.

New laptops are not inexpensive! I spent over an hour with a Best Buy salesman 
comparing and contrasting laptops with me. Poor Hubby was so patient and helpful
as I wandered around inspecting all the laptop possibilities. (There are SO many!)

I finally made my choice, and my new laptop will spend the next several days with the 
Geek Squad being set up and having everything from my poor deceased laptop transferred 
over to it. 

As long as I can figure out how to use my new machine, I will see you back here on

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and please take better care of your laptop
than I did! I can guarantee I will be more careful and protective with the new one!

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