Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekends and New Routines

Happy Monday everyone!

It looks like Spring/Early Summer has officially arrived in Alabama. Our weather
is calling for 80 and 90 degree temperatures all week long. 

My mom is no doubt cheering and checking the pool water temperature hourly. 
Meanwhile, I am over here doing some major online browsing in need of increasing 
my sleeveless top collection. It's hard to be a hot-natured human in the south from
May - September. Especially when said human is trying to avoid dangerous

In other news...

Our weekend was a good one. In case you missed my last several blog posts,
MISS S IS HOME for the summer!

(To catch up, click here,  here, and here.)

Hubby was in Orange Beach on Friday doing some deep sea fishing. This is what 
it looked like when I checked my Life 360 app on Friday. If you want or need to 
be able to find your family members at any given moment (as long as their phone 
is on) this app is a life saver!

Hubby had a fantastic fishing trip and even brought home some amberjack to
cook for dinner on Saturday night. 

Miss S rested and recouped from freshman year by staying at home all day on
Friday, but on Saturday she was ready to venture out. We headed to Lululemon
for a new tank top, then celebrated Cinco de Mayo by having lunch at Taco Mama.

Lunch was delicious, but we ordered waaaayyy to much food. Miss S went to the
Taco Mama in Auburn all the time and said that the chips, salsa, and queso never
come with the order. We ordered an extra side of it, and then when our food arrived,
we found out that it came with our order too. We had chips and salsa for days!

Today, we are hoping to get back on some type of schedule for the summer.
Miss S has "stuff" from her dorm room ALL OVER the house. I'm trying to
remain calm about the clutter and disorder, but I can feel that my patience has
a deadline, ha ha. The clutter is going to have to be dealt with THIS WEEK
for sure!

I hope you all have an awesome day and I will see you again on Wednesday.

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  1. Looks a good weekend! My mom loves to check the 360 thing when I am on vacation!

    1. Yes it was! I'm a big fan of Life 360! Thanks for visiting today. :)


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