Friday, May 25, 2018

Loving and Reading

Happy Friday everyone! 

I love that it is Friday, and I also love this little dachshund!

I'm so happy that I have this little man in my life. I woke up this morning missing
my Rusty, but luckily with one tiny movement, I had this little baby front and center
and ready to make my thoughts immediately switch from sad to happy. It's hard to 
explain, but I feel like I can love and honor Rusty's memory by giving extra love and 
attention to Roo.

(If you happen to be new to this blog, then I apologize because that paragraph 
most likely left you feeling quite confused!)

Side note: I'm also happy that school is out! With school out, I don't have to hear
4 school buses run noisily through our neighborhood each morning starting at 6:20.  
This morning was so lovely and peaceful.

Books I'm currently reading:

So many personal development and self-love "experts" recommend reading two 
chapters a day.

They recommend reading one chapter of fiction, and one chapter of non-fiction daily.

Many days, I don't get in full chapters, but I am enjoying the idea.

I've found that for me, it certainly beats starting my day with the drama of the news, 
or social media. The less time I give to either of those things, the happier I am!

I better wrap up this post because my personal trainer will be awake soon, and she
is taking me to the gym. It's a good thing I like spending time with her, ha!
But seriously, Miss S has been hitting the gym daily since she has been home
from Auburn for the summer. I need to follow her lead and make working out a
priority again in my own life.

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing long weekend.

Just a little reminder...

I will be taking Monday off to enjoy my family, but I hope to see you back here
on Wednesday!

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