Monday, May 21, 2018

Funny Photos and Shopping Flops

Happy Monday everyone!

Our day is off to a busy start already, but before I go any further, I want to share
some of our weekend fun from Saturday with you.

Hubby planned a "date day" for us. I wanted to take a picture together to
commemorate the occasion, but Hubby decided he would be funny at first instead.

Yay! Finally, we got an actual picture.

Our 1st stop was the Pickle Patch Market. We have driven past it on our way to Auburn
for about 2 years, but had never been inside. It looked like such a cute place to
do some relaxing browsing.

But once we walked through the doors, it was not at all what we were expecting.

It was so disappointing. It was junk on junk on junk. Not even the interesting kind
of junk that you could envision it ever becoming something cute again.

I was sad, and Hubby was annoyed he had driven 40 miles for junk, lol.

On our way back toward Birmingham, we stopped to tour Morgan Creek Winery.

The vineyards are beautiful...

Here is the winery...

This is a list of wines that Morgan Creek produces. You can shop online for their wines

The winery grounds are absolutely beautiful and the tour was really quite interesting.
We had a lot of fun on our trip to Morgan Creek Vineyards.

On our way out of Harpersville, we made a quick stop to try another antique store.

The outside is really cute...

But once inside, we were again disappointed.

Apparently the antiquing on this side of Birmingham isn't much. We were sadly

We did however enjoy our visit to Morgan Creek, so we just may have to visit another 
winery or two on the Alabama Wine Trail.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Yea for date nights/day dates, I'll take them anyway I can get them! You husband has a cute personality. I don't remembering meeting him but Daddy remembers him. My husband and I love to go look at antiques also!

    1. You are so right! Dates are fun and so important too! Yes, Hubby keeps us laughing most days. :)


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