Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Things {Busy Bee}

Hey guys and happy Friday to you!

I am in one of those moods where I kind of have so much that I need/should
be doing that I find myself a little overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

This is how I feel today...

- I have an entire bedroom set of furniture to chalk paint for Miss S's apartment.

- I need to wash dishes, vacuum, dust, and do laundry.

- My car is a mess and needs to be washed, vacuumed, and windows cleaned.

- I need to declutter and organize all the things!

- I need to plan out our meals for next week and make a grocery list.

- I need to get in a workout.

-  I need to edit my Beauty haul / Mother's Day video

Whew, thank goodness it's the weekend because I have plenty to keep me busy
for the next few days!

Anyone else have a "to do" list that keeps growing and growing?

I need to get myself in gear and get something accomplished!

I'll see you on Monday with something more fun to share. Promise!

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