Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wishlists and Happy Mail

Last Friday, I shared my Shopping Wish List with you all and yesterday, I
received happy mail!

Yes! The first item from my wish list arrived in the mail on Monday afternoon.

I'm thinking if things continue to arrive from my wish list that I will start a regular
series here on the blog called "Wishlist Wednesday!" Ha, I am kidding, but it
sure was a fun surprise to find a package waiting for you in your mailbox.

I love happy surprises!

I put my new garden flag in my backyard. This was one of Rusty's favorite places to
explore and it is also one of Roo's favorite places.

I love walking outside and seeing this reminder of the love I shared with Rusty,
and also how blessed I am to now have Roo.

Red dachshunds will always have a huge piece of my heart!

In case you are new here today, let me quickly show you my Rusty...

Rusty passed away on March 1, 2017.

And this is my Roo...

Roo came to live with me on March 10, 2017.

Now you see why I love me a sweet red doxie baby! They are angels sent from heaven
to give unconditional love.

I'm going to wrap up this post before I get any more off track, ha.

The point was to say how much I love my new garden flag, and then I kind of 
wandered down memory lane!

I will see you all on Friday!

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