Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekend Recap

On Friday while I was out and about running errands, I discovered that Target
is now set up to do online order pickup. 

Target isn't directly on my beaten path so I probably won't use this service, but I did
find it interesting that they are joining the "pick up and go" trend.

Saturday was a quiet day at home for me. Hubby played golf and I cleaned up a bit
and relaxed some too. It was a nice quiet day.

On Sunday after church, we headed to Auburn for Round 1 of  college dorm move out.

Miss S will officially move out on Thursday, but we wanted to help her get a head
start with getting her stuff home so Thursday won't be a stressful and rushed day.

Some how all the stuff she took to school in August multiplied and I am pretty sure
that in this picture they are discussing how on earth all of this came out of one teeny,
tiny, dorm room.

After Hubby's truck was filled to the brim, we took Miss S and two of her friends to
dinner at our favorite sushi place in Auburn.

Their sushi and their fried rice is SO GOOD!

When Hubby and I got home with all "the stuff" Miss S's sweet kitty immediately
began to check out her mommy's laundry. I think Shelley is wondering why we have her
mommy's clothes, but not her. It looks like Shelley is saying, "Where is she? What did you
do with my Mama?"

I know this school year has been a confusing one to the sweet fur babies. 

We are thrilled that in only 3 more days, we will have our girl home for the summer!

Have an awesome day and I'll see you Wednesday!

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