Monday, April 16, 2018

Restful Weekend, Busy Monday

Happy Monday sweet friends and family!

Look who went for a little car ride this morning... Yes, this adorable little man!

This blog post is coming to you a little later than usual (I usually try to blog first thing 
in the morning) because Roo had an appointment for a nail trim.

He did fabulous and now I'm back home to catch all of you up on our restful weekend.

On Saturday morning, I had a handsome date for breakfast!

He played golf on Friday this week, so I had him all to myself on Saturday. Hubby is
a man that works hard AND plays hard, so having him all to myself for a full day
was a nice treat.

After our mid-morning breakfast date, we ran some errands and then got home
before the rain started. The rest of Saturday was a rainy day filled with
thunderstorms, so we relaxed with the furbabies and watched some Netflix.

For dinner Saturday night, Hubby wanted to do a Low - Country Boil for dinner.

In addition to shrimp, Hubby likes to add crawfish too. The only problem with a 
Low-Country Boil is that it make a LOT of food! But hey, we will have leftovers 
for days!

Sunday for us was pretty quiet, but on Sunday afternoon, Miss S had an event with 
her sorority. 

I love when she takes pictures to post on social media. At least I get to see her face!
Having your only child away at college is still hard sometimes for this mama.

Miss S is in love with her new jeans. They are her favorite brand, Free People.
She could wipe out a $1000 gift card to Free People in a matter of minutes, ha ha!

I am happy she has made such sweet, sweet friends this year though. I know 
she is going to miss seeing them when she comes home for the summer.
I on the other hand am over the moon excited that my girl will be home in 
18 more days!

Tell me:

What did y'all do this weekend?

Have you ever heard of a Low-Country Boil?

Have you ever eaten crawfish?

Are you a Free People fanatic, like Miss S?

I'll see you Wednesday!

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  1. We LOVE low country boil down here in Savannah! We even had it (along with an oyster roast) for our rehearsal dinner back when we got married :) Love those jeans of hers!

    1. Oh, we love Savannah! We vacationed there last May. So gorgeous! An oyster roast sounds delicious. I will definitely be looking into that for next time! Thanks so much for reading and commenting today! :)


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