Monday, April 23, 2018

Gardening and Brunching!

I couldn't resist the title for this post. Two things I never do and I did both of them 
in one weekend!

- Saturday -

On Saturday Hubby planted our garden for the summer.

He even had a really cute helper...

Hubby planted tomato plants, grape tomato plants, and salad pepper plants. I love having
this picture from the day the garden was planted because it's so much fun to see how
quickly everything grows.

- Sunday -

On Sunday, I drove to Auburn to go to the Alpha Gamma Delta Mother Daughter Brunch
with my daughter. It was held at The Red Barn at Auburn University.

The brunch was decorated so beautifully and was catered by The Hotel at Auburn University.

The brunch was so well planned, organized and decorated that it truly felt like a special
event honoring the mother/daughter relationship. It was a magical and beautiful day.

The flowers in the arrangements on each table show the color scheme of the brunch.

And the magnificent arrangement on the food buffet table was a masterpiece.

And let me just say, I could 100% get used to having a catered breakfast buffet to 
dine from every day of my life, ha ha!

While we brunched, we were serenaded by a lovely male voice and an acoustic guitar. 
It was the perfect finishing touch.

If you've been reading my blog since our Spring Break trip this year, here is a picture of
our sweet spring break crew!  (minus two girls, not pictured)

It was such a perfect day and I am so thrilled that the rain held off until I was driving home.
I hope Miss S's sorority will do this again next year, because I would love to repeat this
day! I have decided life needs more brunches!

Happy Monday everyone, and I'll see you on Wednesday!

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