Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favorites From My Week

One of my favorites from the week was spending the day with my girl at the
Mother Daughter Brunch we attended on Sunday. Such a special time with
my beautiful daughter.

Another favorite from the week was receiving this precious dachshund garden flag
in the mail from my sweet, amazing, thoughtful mama. When she saw it, she knew 
I needed to own it!

(If you missed the post about why this garden flag means so much to me, click here.)

I love that I can see it and enjoy it anytime I look out my back windows, or walk outside 
on my deck.

I have to say, my most favorite thing of all is that my girl will be wrapping up her
freshman year of college and will be HOME with ME this time next week!!!

Best news ever for this mama!

Starting May 5, can we please figure out how to make time SLOW down?? I really don't
want it to fly by like summers typically do. I want to savor every second with my most
favorite girl in the world!

With brunch, happy mail, and summer coming soon, this has been a great week!

I'm linking up here today...

Thank you for visiting me today, and I'll see you again 
on Monday!

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