Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring And Birthdays!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Spring!

I had a productive 1st day of Spring yesterday. I took down the curtains in my bedroom
and washed them and got all the dust washed away. I also started cleaning out some
closets around here. I scheduled a donation pick up for next week, so I now have a
deadline to get everything out to be taken away from our home. 

In just six weeks, Miss S will be coming home for the summer and will be bringing
with her the entire contents of a dorm room. Yes, the dorm is teeny tiny, but that in
no way stopped our girl from having lots and lots and lots of stuff! That stuff will be
coming back to our house and will have to have a place to go. Also, since she will be
getting an apartment next year, we will be adding furniture to the mix. My house is
going to be one jumbled mess from May to August, if I am not really, really careful.
Just the thought of it makes my chest tighten! 

Let's quickly change the subject!

We had a birthday at our house yesterday...

I originally thought she turned 7 yesterday, but after looking back at old pictures on
instagram, I am very happy that she is 6 years old, not 7!

We adopted Shelley on June 1, 2012. She was 12 weeks old when we got her.

This sweet baby girl is now 6. So hard to believe we have had her for 6 years.

Such a sweet girl to put up with living in a house with two doggies.

When she came into our home, we had Rusty and Drake. She didn't mind them at all,
and could even be spotted from time to time rubbing against Drake's legs or sharing a
chair with Rusty.

Now Hunter and Roo have invaded her home and she hasn't forgiven them yet!
She tolerates both of them most of the time, but will let both of them know when
she has had enough. Clearly, she wants to be the queen of the house, and won't 
tolerate anything less, ha ha.

Miss S will be having a birthday soon too! She will be 19 on March 31st. 

I've got 10 days to make some plans, so I better get myself together!

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Stay warm because so far Spring has brought
with it some cooler temperatures. It's 39 degrees here right now. Brrrr!

I'll see you Friday!

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